Tattoo Aftercare

On completion, your tattoo will be covered with coconut oil and plastic cling wrap. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure your tattoo heals as best as possible.

  1. Sometime within the first two hours, remove the plastic wrap, and wash the tattoo carefully with a mild soap. (Be sure to wash your hands before you start this process).
  2. Ensure that you remove all traces of blood and oil from the tattoo site. (This will help the overall healing process).
  3. Gently dry the area with a clean towel, or paper towel, and allow it to dry for approximately ten minutes.
  4. Once dry, reapply coconut oil. (Make sure it is dry before you reapply the coconut oil as not to trap any excess moisture beneath the oil).
  5. Re-wrap the tattoo site with plastic wrap, and tape into place with medical tape. (This will trick the body into believing there is already a scab over the area, and therefore accelerate the healing process and also remove the risk of topical infection).
  6. Change it at least twice a day. (Treat the cling wrap as you would a dressing on a wound).
  7. After two days/three nights, you will no longer require the cling wrap.
  8. Continue with the oil for the duration of a two week period, ensuring that your tattoo never looks dry.

NOTE: Always wash your hands before applying oil to your tattoo.


To avoid any problems during the healing process, make sure your tattoo does not come into contact with dirty surfaces, or other people’s bodily fluids.

Do not swim or soak in any kind of water under any circumstances, and keep your showers brief.

Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for two weeks.

After your tattoo is fully healed, if you want to keep it looking great for years to come, never expose it to direct sunlight without sunscreen to protect it.

If your tattoo becomes a little sore or inflamed, you can apply savlon antiseptic cream instead of coconut oil.

Do not use bepanthen or paw-paw ointment – or anything else other than coconut oil or savlon antiseptic cream.

If you have any queries regarding your tattoo, do not hesitate to contact us.

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